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“Mike and Carrie”: More Unfiltered web series After “I am second”

Mike and Carrie: God & Country: A more opened digital short film series from “I Am Second”, Seen tonight on

The pair Shared themselves together for the new four-section short film series from “I Am Second”, getting candid about everything from their faith and family life to differing opinions on hunting and having kids to how they work through conflict as a team. 

“Mike and Carrie” brings us an unfiltered, and clear glimpse into the life and relationships of Carrie Underwood (An American singer)  and her husband Mike Fisher (Former Canadian hockey play).

“Mike and Carrie” 

In the first episode, titled “I Cry Easy,” Fisher and Underwood talk about how a portion of their differences have molded their marriage and family. While Fisher grew up knowing he needed to redesign his childhood with a wife and kids of his own, Underwood says she wasn’t so secure with parenthood.

During this emotional time of their marriage. They talk about their grappled and begged with God concerning why this was happening. Further telling God about their outrage, damages, and asking questions about the time they are walking on.

Although in another interview Carrie Underwood joined Mike fisher, in which the couple talks honestly about their own Experience and collected memories of life. However, these were for those people who are seeking help and have lost faith in life.

In this, Mike shared about his own and professional life and the fights in himself he went through.

Around fourteen days after the fact, they were in Ottawa during Underwood’s visit when Fisher cut his finger. Moreover,”[Isaiah] comes over, he’s like, ‘Daddy, we have to pray to god’… It was the coolest thing ever.”  Mike said.

All through these four Digital series, the couple was Disclosing their life that how they manage their Marriage, their individual opinion, and the misfortunes. Lastly, The things which were beyond the professional life and from which the world defines them.

About Mike Fisher 

The proper name of Mike Fisher is Michael Andrew Fisher,

Profession: Former hockey player



About Carrie Underwood

The proper name of Carrie underwood is Carrie Marie Underwood. 

Profession: Singer, record producer, fashion designer, writer and actress. 



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