Netflix’s Founder Quietly Building a Retreat for Teachers

Reed Hastings, the founder of the popular video streaming Netflix, is reported to be secretly building a mysterious 2,100-acre luxury retreat for public school teachers located in the foothills of Rocky Mountains.

Hastings has become one of the world’s largest donors in the education reform system. Local officials expect the resort to open around March 2021. It is believed that Hastings has already spent $20 million on the retreat.

Hastings has a 1.3% stake in Netflix stocks, due to which his net worth is around $4.8 billion. It’s not the first time that he has donated such amount. Hastings has given millions in funding to charter schools. In 2016, he also started a $100 million philanthropic fund for children’s education.

This movement clearly shows Hastings’ efforts to reform America’s struggling school system. According to reports, this resort will serve as training grounds for the training of public school teachers.

Netflix Building Retreat 

This new resort will be called Retreat Land at Lone Rock. The CEO has been so much involved in the project that he has been visiting the resort site since 2017. He has even had a face-to-face meeting with the local fire chief to ensure smoothening in any kind of permitting concerns.

The retreat facility will be a non-profit established to serve teachers and aid in building a sense of leadership in the teachers. The resort will be open to educators at national public schools as well as charter schools. Groups of 30 educators at a time will get to use the 270-room retreat center for four days.

The center is said to feature meeting rooms, a spa, man-made hot springs, a lodge with a wine cellar, and a yoga deck. Despite the nature of the retreat center, it has been subject to reasonable amounts of resistance by many people, including some teacher unions too. Let’s see what happens and hope for the best.

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