Money Heist: A Bello Ciao to Boredom

Money Heist is a Spanish crime web series that is exclusively on Netflix. It is one of the most popular web series in 2020. The series features Ursula Corbero, Alvaro Morte, Itziar Ituno, Pedro Alonso, Paco Tous, and many other prominent actors.

The series produced by Sonia Martinez, Jesus Colmenar, Esther Martinez Lobato, and Nacho Manubens. The series shot in 4 different places: Spain, Italy, Thailand, and Panama. The series was able to keep its audience biting nails with every passing moment. The theme of this series based on two big heists. The series divided into three seasons.

Money Heist: The Plot

The series begins with the effects of a failed robbery. A team is made up to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. A man by the name of Professor hires a group of people who are specialists in their field. The professor is the main character of the series. He is the mastermind in the whole series.

Tokyo was the New character. Other characters are Rio, Berlin, Moscow, Denver, and Nairobi. The plan is to make a robbery that looks like they have failed and trap themselves inside the Mint. The series is full of ups and downs. Each down makes the audience hold their breath. At one point, some of the characters’ identities get revealed.

The story further progresses, and in season 3, we get to see the team preparing for another heist. This time they want to rob the bank of Spain. This time they have a bigger plan. Rio and Tokyo arrested while living on the island. So the team plans to make the cops release Rio and Tokyo as well as robbing the gold reserves from the Bank of Spain. The story further progresses, and we see that Tokyo and Rio break up, and other emotional turbulences follow up.


This is the first-ever foreign series that has got so much popularity worldwide. Thus, The series has got an IMDb rating of 9.4/10

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