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Best Amazon Prime Originals that you should not miss in 2020

Amazon Prime Video is an amazing video streaming service by Amazon. It features some of the best originals that are sure to entertain you and your family. During this lockdown, Amazon Prime Video has launched very good movies and web series. Here are some of the best Amazon Prime Original series.

Some of the best Amazon Prime Original series

Paatal Lok: Paatal Lok is the latest original release on Amazon Prime Videos. The series has got many positive reviews from critics. The story of the web series is based on the novel The Story of My Assassins. Paatal Lok rises something much needed in today’s world where there are so many movies and web series to choose from. The magic of the series lies in its story.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan: Jack Ryan is a secret agent action kind of movie for those people who love James Bond and his heroics. In this series, Jack Ryan is a young CIA analyst who is hell bound to stop terrorism. The story is gripping and is liked very much by people.

Hanna: Hanna is a series that is beyond all. The story is about a girl who has not stepped outside since birth. So, She has been raised in a forest by a rogue CIA agent. She has to find her home and a way to escape this agent.

Fleabag: Fleabag is another Amazon Prime Original that you should watch. The story is about a woman who is trying to find her companion in London. Despite its romantic theme, the series is quite funny and has been awarded as Best Comedy Series in 2019.

The Boys: The Boys is all about superheroes that exist in the real world. The series is for adults only. The superheroes would be used as marketing tools for a big company. The superheroes are bad guys in the story. However, A group of ordinary humans (the boys) want to bring these bad superheroes down.

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