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The Most Awaited Twilight Midnight Sun Release Date

Midnight Sun, said to be the next release in the Saga series of Twilight, is rumored to be on the floor is the much-awaited vampire. The audience is much anticipated to based on Stephanie Meyer ‘s novel, as other Twilight films. Twilight fanatics are looking forward to seeing Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on the television together.

The Twilight Saga, based on four novels of the American artists Stephenie Meyer and Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner, is a series of five romance fantasy films from Summit Entertainment. All these five films were released in 2008-2012 and earned approximately $3.346 billion in the major box office hit.

The release of Midnight Sun was postponed as 12 chapters of the Novel’s unfinished manuscript were leaked on the internet, stopping the book. In comparison to Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), the writers wanted to write this book from Edward’s point of view (Robert Pattinson).

The story starts when Edward tells a short story about Bella to Renesmee. This leads Renesmee to push the whole story. According to sources, it is only the first half of the story that Edward reveals his side of the Twilight story. It took an important turn in the second half, and the way you perceive things in the original four books can change completely.

The fuel was added to this story as few fans caught Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart up and tweeted about the same in a pub. “Robert and Kristen seemed very happy to be with each other,” a satisfied customer said. And the whole time he grinned and laughed.

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