Don Lemon Reacts to Dave Chappelle Criticism in New Netflix Stand-Up Special

Dave Chappelle, the legendary comedian, and TV star surprised fans all around by the publication of a new comedy special Netflix that is free on YouTube. A special, named 8:46 filmed on June 6 and was made available on June 11, with outdoor chairs as well as measures for social distance, in order to make it as safe as possible. Eighty-seven days after his last appearance, Chappelle went on stage and spent about half an hour mixing humor with social comments and mentioned Don Chappelle.

CNN’s Don Lemon answered the criticism of the new comedy classic “8:46” by Dave Chappelle.

In a special release last Thursday, Chappelle called Don Lemon to suggest Black celebrities ‘don’t sit and don’t do anything but ‘do anything’ to help these young people amid nationwide demonstrations following the police murder of George Floyd.

“Does celebrity matter?  No, not at all. Those are the streets that speak for themselves; right now they don’t need me said Chappelle. My mouth was locked, I held locked. And I’m still going to close my mouth. But I’m not complicit in my silence.

On Friday’s broadcast of ‘Fresh Day,’ the host of “CNN Tonight,” Don Lemon said that Chappelle was “my favorite comedian, and what Dave Chappelle says is my concern.”

Don Chappelle said he agreed with Chapelle, “Young people who are in the streets don’t know what,” he said, but added, “This is not a moment of tolerance.” Black celebrities should use their influence to show demonstrators the support they have.

“It’s nice that he’s thinking about this on his platform because he should,” Don Lemon added. “I am not without reproach or criticism, indeed I welcome it, and Dave can come and talk of it at any time.”

“I think this is a time where we have different color men who have two wide platforms, we support or disagree and people pay attention to them,” Don Chappelle said.

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