What Makes Netflix’s Dark Crime Drama “Ozark” the scariest?

After three seasons of shady doings, acts of violence, and all manner of double-dealings, it’s correct to conclude that the white-knock crime Ozark drama in Netflix is one of the darkest programs ever created by the streaming giant. Although the pitch-black plot drives of that series are bleak, fans of the show find out just as dull the visual elements of the show that they often can’t see what is happening.

Ozark follows the labors of Marty and Wendy Byrde (Jason Bateman and Laura Linney), a couple from Chicago who are moving their families to the Missouri Wild in the pursuit of money-laundering and life-saving millions of dollars of drug cartel cash. With the series evolving, Marty and Wendy have also been involved in cartel affairs with Ozark taking the Byrdes closer to the lion’s den than ever before in the shocking season of the 3 final.

Netflix’s Dark Crime Drama “Ozark” 

The stakes are only increasing, which means that there will be no room for light in this dangerous world. Interviewed in 2018 with Decider, Photo Managing Director Ben Kutchins spoke honestly of Ozark’s very mutilated visual palette, when asked about the dark look of the series. The darkness turns out to be much designed.

The reason for Ozark’s darkness is the fact that dim light and bluish shades reflect the dumb emotions of the Byrde family.

“We know not if this is going to happen to the Byrde team, you know?’ So there’s a new foe and a new mystery in every corner to solve. “It is always important to me to have a presentation of the darkness, like what’s in the shadows? Does someone laugh under the shadows? And what’s underneath the lake surface? What is the story just under the water that is frightening to the audience?”

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