Netflix 365 DNI : Fans Horrified after accidentally watching with their families

People saw the erotically charged Netflix 365 DNI drama with their parents by accident, telling the horror that they had to sit in their presence through the kinky sex scene of a film. Polish film, also known as 365 Days, tells the story of “fiery executive” Laura Biel (Anna-Mary Sieklucka).

Many Twitter users talked about having a 365 DNI system, which includes graphic scenes with BDSM and voyeurism and oral sex, they didn’t know what it was getting on.

Some tweets-

With my parents, I watched 365 DNI … Yeah, I felt like watching porn with my parents, “tweeted one, and asked another,” Bruh why am I watching my mother’s 365 DNI — awkward AF.

‘I have seen 365 Netflix DNI patterns so I have casually put it on TV in the living room… You know that I am in the house of my parents ….. One lady admitted that the boy shook.

‘365 was the first thing that appeared on Netflix, my father is still at home and asked me “What’s that, isn’t it good?” I said “I don’t know, looks boring,” shared somebody else.

The Twitter user gripped ‘My parents are watches with 365 DNI in our lifetime room Aid EHLPP.

“I am STAIRS UPSTAIRS ALL DAYIN IDC IDC,’ another tweeting. ‘MY mom is waking up 365 DNI ON THE TV,’

Some people warned Netflix fans explicitly to watch the 365 DNI alone

‘Truly Netflix are promoted here 365 DNI as though it is not porn. God blesses everyone who watches with parents by accident,’ a person tweeted.

DNI ‘365!! I just feel like I have to put that out there with parents! Do not look at it!!! ‘Somebody advised others.

On both sides of the Atlantic, the X film sparked a furious controversy after it reached the United States and the UK on Sunday.

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