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Best Shows On HBO Max Right Now which you will love to watch

HBO Max has arrived officially and has a slate of original films and blockbusters that span all kinds. The latest HBO streaming service — which now comes along with HBO Go and HBO Now — also offers an abundance of heritage content, including seasonal popular films and feature films from the past. HBO plans to launch a lot of content, including famous network shows, films, and original programming, during 2020. But now what are the best performances you can watch?

Best Shows On HBO Max Right Now

 West world

Fans have been waiting for the third season of this fantastic science fiction drama of the Western and the Dystopian genre, which portrays WestWorld, a futuristic amusement park. Despite the convincingly human appearance and activity, the people that work there are hosts designed to meet and sleep a lovely woman or get caught in gunfighting and meet certain personalities and abilities. The 1973 Michael Crichton same name film inspires the first season and overall story. However, the second season is very different from the first and especially the third. Everyone is just as captivating and rapid, keeping the story constantly cool. When you finish the third season, you have enough time to catch up while we wait until the fourth season to start production.

The wire

While this crime drama ended in 2008, it is still widely regarded as one of the most popular TV series in this generation. The article, written by David Simon, the former police reporter, examines various institutions and their twisted and sometimes controversial law enforcement relationship. Every season, a different story is presented that addresses issues ranging from illegal trafficking to education and schools. It’s no surprise that the series lasted five successful seasons, with Dominic West and Idris Elba on the top-billed cast list.

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