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Best Serials from Turkey which will blow your mind

One year ago, when I arrived in Turkey for my double Education, studies, and internship, I decided to start watching Turkish serials because of my boredom. My mother is also watching Turkish in Romania since Turkish bought a TV channel and transmitted films and series. In reality, particularly women from Romania went crazy in the Turkish series, and everyone recommended me. So I said I ‘d start one to see how it is. Watch this and that.

So I’ve made my favorite series a top two ranking I’ve seen since I’ve been in Turkey.

  1. The Magnificent Suleyman

This one is fictional and refers to real events about the life of the Suleyman sultan, his two wives, and the harem action, as well as some battlefield scenes and all his conquests. The book is a historical one. I recall some time ago I saw the first season, but I didn’t want to continue. Everyone went crazy in Romania after this series so I said I had to watch this so-called document series when I came to Turkey.

  1. Endless Love (Kara Sevda)

I just discovered this new series and love it completely. There is only one season to date, but in September, season 2 will begin. The first season is 39 episodes and the same two hours. It’s cool now about Turkish series, all episodes are more than 2 hours long, worth your time, rather than looking at the 42 minutes and wait for a new episode another week.

About the series, my favorite Turkish actor, Burak Ozcivit, begins with a romantic drama that surrounds his love for a girl and for her rich and strong household. If you are a fan of several performances, then Burak is so hot, so hot, an A+.

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