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When is the Netflix US edition for ‘365 Days Netflix?’

Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet released the sultry movie for fans looking at the movie immediately. However, in the United States, it will hopefully drop shortly. Netflix customers in the UK now have 365 Days and the US portal has been introduced. You can press “Remind” to send you a message if the film is available.

The film is full of suspense, crime, passion, sex, and several anguished moments centered on the teaser.


Some fans believe “365 Days” to be “hotter” than “50 shades of grey.”

They could not help but comparing the lush film with its opposite, 50 Shades of Grey, with the fans who were already able to view the international film. How did the two show each other…?

“365 Days Netflix feels like 50 shades of grey are marked as PG!” it is posted by one user. Someone else said, “But I love the hot scenes …” Hotter than 50 shades of gray.

One viewer loved the polish movie and wrote, “Dude the 365 Days Netflix movies … all I had to say was better than 50 shades of grey!!!” The fan tweeted: “I just saw 365 DNI and legit watched softcore porn. 50 Shades of grey could never be like it.

365 days was contrasted with the 50 shades of grey of even more graphical sex and dubious stories in comments. The plot is about a Mafia lord who is fascinated with a prostitute and who abducted her afterward. She claims she wants to live 365 days with him. If at that moment she doesn’t love him, she will come home. She can stay if she does. The film displays interactive sexual activities between the protagonists labeled free of charge by Indie Wire and a variety of audiences in IMDB and abroad.

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