Netflix Money Heist is the Top Trending Series these days, Do you know the reason why?

The Spanish drama La Casa de Papel-named here Netflix Money Heist-could have snuck in your heart and stole a strong wedge of love if you live as a Netflix addict.

As someone obsessed with the show can claim that the above statement is true, fans had to wait for this fascinating story to continue for a longer time.

Why does this happen? The series is so addictive that a health warning required before you start watching it. Here are all the reasons why Money Heist is currently the most addictive TV show.

Netflix Money Heist has a rich incredibly interesting tapestry of personalities

In other words: The Money Heist characters used in marvelous styles. The Professor (Álvaro Morte) is there – a mysterious criminal genius in an unassuming tweed suit, who managed to concise this complicated heist and plans it with confidence.

Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) she played as a police inspector. She is a strong female who declines to insulted or humiliated by the professors in her office. That is just a couple of the characters in the series who played their character continuously, whether they are already on the screen or not.

The series, as Decider had figured, that makes a detailed and strong story is these magnificent characters. “Like all the major heist thrillers, each person gradually unravels; no one is safe from themselves or the law enforcement just awaiting the hit, whether they throw away a secret and lose faith or be caught by the police for abandoning a mission.”

The stakes are so high, but the story is full of twists and a turn, which makes it all that important for us to know what will happen next – particularly when every goddamn episode involves new complications. Too many twists and turns make it a delicious bite for entertainment seekers.

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