Most-Watched Netflix Series in Quarantine

The word TV has become synonymous with Netflix in today’s era. Without a little Netflix every day, life does not usually work. In particular, closed spaces such as movie theater are not the best places to visit with the outbreak of Corona today.

Therefore, you don’t have any other option, except for people who are not very sure about the new generation movie platform. We are here to help and to give you a list of the most fun and worthwhile films on Netflix!

Netflix StrangerĀ Things

Are you an intriguing fan? This Netflix show of science fiction is for all sorts of audiences. It’s got a little romance, some family comedy, and a lot of battling monsters! It has three seasons and is perfect for a family night. There aren’t too many episodes per season and it doesn’t take too long to watch anything. The series focuses on four 12-year-old boys trying to fight and destroy another monster. While the principal cast is a group of children, the show is designed for all ages.

House of cards

Netflix series, spacey Kevin’s political thriller is one of the best work ever made by the man. I’m probably my favorite show until now. Even though Spacey ‘s name was tarnished, a brilliantly weaved storyline won numerous prizes in the stellar show. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are on show to reach the white house, like husband and wife. They are being measured, cynical, and disregarded for anything other than each other, and they are on a dangerous path towards the presidency. Some of the main themes in this series are killing, treachery, and intelligence. The 6-season show is for an older public. It is ranked 18 years and higher for demographics.

The Good Wife

Have you enjoyed a good Netflix series of laws? The good woman is the best demonstration of the law. It has dramatic elements, romance, and excellent courtroom scenes. The series follows Alicia Florrick ‘s brilliant lawyer. Thus, she takes a job in a law firm her high-school sweetheart works at after her husband is sent to jail. And an interesting story begins, of course. Again, the series is for the elderly.

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