Lockdown, Netflix, and Chill : Quarantine Mantra

Everyone has the usual idea and is doing a ton of ‘Netflix and Chill.’ Yet I’m also on the road to think about Netflix with those like us what is happening in Lockdown, Netflix, and Chill.

I don’t believe I’ve ever been working in life so much. I have no servants, husband, and son is home now and I also blog and does my work on a regular basis.

Therefore I’m spend cooking, cleaning, dusting, mopping, chopping, pursuing the child at home, working as an “unsexy” secretary of my husband’s part-time, and then blogging and taking care of calls.

I have very little time for Netflix with all of these things. My Netflix period is typically the period that I have spent on traffic in Mumbai. During the journey, I finished a few entire series. Here, there’s no chance to watch series without flying.

Some people also look at Mahabharata and Ramayana. That’s not enough for us, either. Even I watched a couple of things, right in the midst of this humdrum.

Our Handpicked Lockdown, Netflix, and Chill Series

Panchayat:  A new, sincere story about the city boy of Abhishek Tripathi who is joining the Panchayat secretary is this series on Amazon Prime. The story is funny and the scenes are splitting. Neena Gupta and Raghuvir Yadav are performing very well. Please do yourself a favor if you haven’t seen it yet. This series you’re going to love.

Parasite: The Korean movie is also being streamed in Amazon in several Oscar winners. And it’s worth my time, I couldn’t resist looking at it. Because of lack of time, I saw it in three installments. It’s an obscure comedy. The first half was more comedy, but the film turns awful in the middle. The film is incredible because the angle of the camera always shows a line between the rich and the poor characters that mark the invisible boundary of society.

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