Little Britain Axed Over Blackface Comedy Skits

Little Britain has removed for the use of blackface by its two stars, David Walliams and Matt Lucas from all Britain streaming platforms.

The satirical sketch series, first shown on BBC Three in 2003, was dropped from Netflix, BritBox, and BBC iPlayer. Come Travel With Me, also pulled down by Netflix for that same purpose, accompanied by pairs of men.

For many years, Little Britain has become the subject of controversy for materials including its “I’m a lady” sketches that feature a pair with wives with facial hair.

Why Little Britain Axed?

The decision to remove the show aligned with changing times was told by a BBC Spreader. “We frequently search for BBC players for a lot of historical programming.” Things have changed since the first broadcast ‘Little Britain,’ and it’s not accessible on BBC iPlayer at the moment.” The representative said.

In the meantime, Walliams and the other “Come Fly With Me” ranks, which had also blackface, also removed by Netflix. Lucas had previously regretted some of the jokes featured in Little England and had appeared in films like “Alice in Wonderland” and its sequel “Bridesmaids” and “Paddington” Also.

I wouldn’t play black characters I wouldn’t do that show now. It would upset the people,’ the Big Issue in 2017 told him. ‘I’d not play black, but I’d do the ‘Little Britain’ again,’ he told The Big Issue.

The show was called by Lucas as “a cruel comedy.”

“Society’s been moving a lot since then and my views have evolved. No bad purpose – only greed was the accusation you could give me. We just wanted to show how many different people we could play,” said the Little Britain actor.

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