Amazon Prime Video’s The Vast of Night, and the Politics of Alien Invasion

This ‘Twilight zone’ sci-fi directed by debutant Andrew Patterson takes you to the world of 50s. The excellent writing by James Montague and Craig W. Sanger will have you glued to the screen. This 2019 American sci-fi film is Amazon Original.

It has a simple yet thought-provoking plot made with a small budget. Fay (Sierra McCormick), a switchboard operator, and Everett (Jake Horowitz), a radio DJ receive an eerie sound frequency through switchboard and radio and it makes them suspicious.

These technical nerds try to find out about the interference as something was going wrong on the outskirts of town. The alien invasion in the town of Cayuga terrifies everyone. Remember the Area 51? The two of them follow the leads while looking for the answers. Terrified nerds get desperate as the aliens could harm the citizens and destroy the town.

After having a close encounter with the aliens, they get to know about the harmless behavior of the aliens and it makes them even more confused and here builds the excitement and thrill.

The Vast of Night, and the Politics of Alien Invasion

This movie reminds of old radio show and drama. The simple Indie movie has great music and storytelling. The direction is incredible and feels very genuine. Cinematography is creative. The main characters keep their attention fixed.

An alien invasion movie is not new for us but this is the most genuine one. The politics behind this genre is presumed as Russia and the allies trying to invade the USA . The movies in the 1970s showed the intensity of the Cold War and hence it became a Republican Decade.

The new era begins in the 2000s and it was the ‘reformation’. The movie is dull in the beginning for 20 minutes and then speeds up. As the movie unfolds, it becomes more surprising. The incredible imagination leaves the viewers so immersed. This old school and the vintage film is a must-watch.

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