Netflix Original Series of 2020 Will Fill Your Life With Bingeing

In this 2020 Netflix coming out with some great movies and shows. Yes, there may be few of them are not much good but the good news is that the level of Good is getting higher. In 2020, several familiar favorite titles are returning: 13 reasons why, stranger things, as well as far more than a handful of new shows and movies, are also coming. There few top upcoming Netflix original movies are coming in this 2020, which can turn your life from upside down.

1. 13 Reasons Why 

High school is just a phase. Haven’t you heard this? Well, it means that you can survive it as it’s not going to last forever. What about those who can’t? The novel turned Netflix TV series 13 Reasons Why expresses the explanations why that phase is so hard, and why we’d like to face it head-on.

IMDB – 8.2
Releasing – 5th June 2020
Cast -Dylan minnette, Katherine Langford, Christian
Director – Brian Yorkey
Genre – Mystery, Thriller

2. Sex Education Season 2

Sex Education season 2 is ready to start. No shame, no euphemism, no boundation the second outing of this John Hughes-style comedy series set during a rural British highschool will handle sexuality in all its forms with bravery, intelligence, smartness, lightness and humor that no other recent show achieved this well. It’s brilliant—but also sweet and funny. It’s important—but never preachy.

IMDB 8.2
Releasing on 17 January 2020
Cast – Asa Butterfield, Emma Mackey, Gillian Ander
Created By- Laurie Nunn
Genre – Drama


Cheer takes place at Navarro College in Texas, a little south of Dallas, where longtime coach Monica Aldama has built this unlikely cheerleading powerhouse. If you have watched The Last Chance u, directed by Greg Whiteley, then you’ll see the similarities from Cheer. It was about junior college in Mississippi and Kansas, where few talented but some of them are hamdicapped athletes which come in search of another way to get to big-time football.

IMDB – 8.2
Releasing – 8 January 2020
Cast – Lexi Brumback, Gabi Butler, Monica Aldama
Created By – Greg Whitely
Genre – Documentary


The upcoming series unorthodox, based on a 2012 memoir by Deborah Feldman, stars Shira Haas, the 24-year-old Israeli actor This shows position may not satisfy those who seek validation for their own community practice, but the story is compellingly told.The is absolutely one-time Watch for everyone.

IMDB – 8.1
Releasing – 26 March 2020
Cast – Amit Rahav, Jeff Wiebusch, sharia Hass
Created By – Anna winger
Genre – Drama

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