Black Mirror Season 6: The Poster Roused A Buzz Regarding Releasing Date

A Madrid-based advertising agency has made a buzz with a speculative poster campaign of Black Mirror season 6. The poster has generated a view that the new series will be a dystopian drama.

Moreover, the poster of the darkly comic ad is a simpler one but ingenious. In that poster, a boy is standing on the bus stop at the front of the mirror that features a line “Black Mirror. 6th season. Live now, everywhere”.

The ad was successful in generating an apocalyptic vide of a different timeā€”the story of the black mirror season 6 based on the book of Charlie Brooker’s script. However, the team of the black mirror will do some experiment with the series. For example, they will allow you to choose your adventure episode.

The poster is almost everywhere as the advertisement made Madrid agency Brother wanted to be. Moreover, a collection of mirror images has been set up around the Spanish capital, reportedly announcing the sixth season of the black mirror. However, posters are fake, social comments rather than advertisements. Finally, the real poster campaign was developed by a Brother advertising agency in Madrid. It is not clear whether it was made with Netflix.

Buzz Regarding Releasing Date of Black Mirror

Many people have rushed to Netflix for checking if the black mirror has started or not. However, the producers have not released any date. Between the coronavirus pandemic, protests around the world, and looming economic uncertainty, the world seems to be going into a dystopian story.

For this reason, some people probably stopped and asked if we were living in a Black Mirror episode, which makes the advertising campaign in Madrid getting stronger. Moreover, the boy wearing a mask in the poster has roused the buzz.

People are staying at their home mostly for the current pandemic of COVID-19. For this reason, Netflix has decided to release its popular series ahead of scheduled date. After releasing the poster, it is fascinating to see when the next instalment will be released.

Netflix will release the black mirror series after completing shooting. However, as mentioned, Netflix has not yet confirmed anything, even the shooting date. Probably, you know that the last series started in June 2019. Moreover, they have not updated about the casts. Maybe some of the cast like Andrew Scott, Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie will make their comeback. However, we need to wait for the updates from Netflix.

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