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Amazon Prime Brings “EI Presidente”: The New Series On FIFA Scandal

Amazon Prime Brings “EI Presidente”: The New Series On FIFA Scandal

Amazon Prime will begin a new series on FIFA scandal. The story plot will be based on the rise and fall of Sergio Jadue. He was shot to prominence as the presidential position of the Chilean Football Association. The new series has started this week. Hope you have watched the trailer of the series named “EI Presidente”.

Former Argentine football manager Julio Grondonta was a part of the corruption scandal. The scandal overturned the sport’s governing body, FIFA, after 14 current and former officials and staff were indicted in May 2015 following an FBI investigation.

The series will show the dirty deals through the eyes of deceased former Argentine football boss Julio Grondona. The football boss has ruled the Argentine football for 30 years. But “El Presidente,” the series in Amazon Prime Video’s new series called “FIFA Gate,” focuses on a different character.

Amazon Brings FIFA GATE in Limelight

Armando Bo, EI Presidente’ director and executive producer, he presented the series in a relaxed way. According to him as Argentina Football had lived with this already and there is nothing to lose. Moreover, Chile won the Copa America around that time but Jadue became an informant in the bribery disgrace adjoining the sport’s governing body FIFA. He had pleaded responsible to racketeering plan and wire fraud plan.

But “El Presidente” is not a sports series. For this reason, the season does not feature with too many match scenes. He also expressed the reason behind this that the series is not about the football but behind the scenes of football. And this business is often a dirty business for South American leaders who, in addition to their involvement in the corruption system, portray themselves as gangsters and harassers.

The producers have decided to made shooting in more than a few cities in the United States, Europe and Latin America. The main casts of the series are as follows.

  • Luis Margani will perform the role of Grondona
  • Karla Souza who is famous for “How to Get Away with Murder”
  • Andres Parra
  • Paulina Gaitan who is famous for acting in Narcos

In the centre of the city stands Sergio Jadue, who at the time revealed a world network of bribery, fraud and money laundering, both vice-president of CONMEBOL and president of ANFP, who played sports in Chile and previously only the small La Calera club. 


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