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13 Reasons Why season 4: Review of the Season

The controversial teen drama 13 Reasons Why has launched season 4 already. The season is about graduating of their characters and moving to the next stages of life. In Season 4, the story begins where Season 3 ended.

Liberty High students deal with the death of Monty de da Cruz and how it is being used to cover Bryce Walker’s murder. They have qualifications, little time left on their hands, and many more lies to cover. However, there are some emotional moments in the transition. The series is all about that.

In this series, Justin died while suffering from HIV. As the condition worsened, he was in the ventilator. He passed away while surrounded by his family and Clay. In preparation for university, they do their best not to get into a new embarrassment. But we think we’ve had their beginnings on their plate in the last two years to join. The focus is on the original characters, and the narrative is moving fiercely forward to a good ending. Several new characters seem to add significantly to the story. At the same time, they get lost without actually doing anything.

Reviews of the Season

The episode showed how Clay had to deal with measurable condition for Justin health issue and throughout the season, this is the main centre of attraction. It’s certainly easier to listen to than Ani’s, but at times she embarrassed. You can’t deduce what’s real and what’s not because the protagonist who holds the show together has anxiety problems and can’t even tell the reality of the hallucinations.

There is no mention that Minnette would be a saving grace. He asks you to look through it and sympathize with your character. His excellent performance leads you through this desired and forced final. The episode ended with the death of Justin. The group buried Justin.

There are some common public reviews of 13 Reasons Why series. Most of the reviews follow the fallout after a student’s suicide. They appreciated the plot that unravels the web that led to an ambitious and uniquely sympathetic deep dive. Many people think that the challenges of being in high school have been shown properly. However, some people criticized the plot twist. They didn’t like how Foley has recovered heroin addict and then developed AIDS after using needles and spending time with sex workers.

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