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Once upon a time, two friends had nothing in common: while Sophie illuminated the whole town with her beauty, Agatha darkened it with her mere presence. It was logical to think that both would be the next selected to go to the School of Good and Evil.

Every four years, the Rector kidnapped two children from Gavaldon (one good and one bad), to train them in his mysterious school. No one knew what was happening there, but the truth is that the elect never returned. The only news they had of them again was what their stories told because, magically, they appeared transformed into heroes or villains.

Indeed, when the expected day came and everyone ran to hide in their houses, Agatha and Sophie were kidnapped in the middle of the night. Sophie, who had always dreamed of being a princess, did not fit herself with emotion, while Agatha was not exactly excited to become an evil witch. However, things didn’t go as everyone would have expected: Agatha had been selected by the School of Good and Sophie by the School of Evil. Had it all been a mistake?

The School For Good And Evil

While trying to clear up the misunderstanding and find out who they are, Agatha and Sophie will have to manage to survive in an unknown and unfamiliar world, as well as coexist with the children of the most illustrious fairytale characters. complicated enough, love will appear ready to separate them … forever?

Points that one must know about the School of Good and Evil

The School of Good and Evil is the first volume of a middle-grade trilogy that could not have started better. Soman Chainani is committed to incorporating traditional fairy tales into a modern environment and is fully successful. Also, it turns the ancient fight between good and evil, showing villains as human characters, with feelings and desires, and declaring that “the good guys” are not always perfect.

This is one of its strong points, since it allows the reader to imagine what the fairy tale characters were like during their adolescence and to identify with them. Despite this, and although it may seem like a children’s book, among its pages it hides several scenes that will make your brains stand out, as well as a fast-paced action that will leave you breathless.

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