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Death In Paradise Series And Its Detail

Death In Paradise Series And Its Detail

Crime in Paradise ( Death in Paradise in its original title) is a television series, Franco-British co-production filmed in Guadalupe, an archipelago of the West Indies, in the Caribbean Sea, which was created by Robert Thorogood and stars Ben Miller, Kris Marshall, and Ardal O’Hanlon. In Spain, it premiered on July 8, 2012, on the Cosmopolitan TV channel. 1

After the success of the second season’s audience on February 12, 2013, Death in Paradise was renewed for a third season by Ben Stephenson. The BBC announced on April 9, 2013, that Ben Miller would stop starring in the series in Season 3, and that a new inspector, Humphrey Goodman (played by Kris Marshall ), would star in it. An eighth season has been commissioned to be broadcast in 2019.

First launched in October 2011 in Grade-Bretagne then in France in 2013, the Franco-British series Meurtres au Paradis already brings together nine seasons on its counter. This Monday, May 4, starting at 9:05 p.m., France 2 will broadcast the last unpublished episode of season 9.

After the departure of many actors such as JosĂ©phine Jobert, Sara Martins, Ben Miller (Richard Poole) who was the chief inspector in seasons 1 to 3, replaced by Kris Marshall (Humphrey Goodman) in seasons 3 to 6, until Ardal O’Hanlon (Jack Mooney) since season 6, the waltz continued.

There will be a season 10 for Death in Paradise 

This is the actor Ralf Little who, during season 9, took over from Ardal O’Hanlon after his departure. He now plays Neville Parker alongside Aude Legastelois who plays Madeleine Dumas. But will this new inspector choose to stay on the island of Sainte-Marie or will he prefer to return to Great Britain? You will have the answer in tonight’s episode titled Blind Witness.

But murders in paradise will she be entitled to a season 10? Fans of the detective series, rest assured that a tenth season has been ordered and it will also have eight episodes. However, due to the current global health crisis, filming, which was due to start in Guadeloupe in April 2020, had to be postponed. Initially, the new season was to arrive on British television in January 2021, but it seems inevitable that this date will also be delayed.

Since its launch, the series has shown solid audiences on France 2. Season 9 has thus gathered an average of 4.5 million viewers so far for an audience share above 16% for most episodes.


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