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Alita The Battle Angel Season 2: Will Robert Rodriguez Back?

The enormous success of Alita, the battle angel season 1 in 2019, has made way for its other season. The upcoming season will also be directed by James Cameron, whose movies, such as Titanic and Avatar, made the box office’s biggest waves of success.

However, the lead actor Rosa Salazar announced in July 2019 that she has not heard anything about the sequel. Through this article, fans will know every detail about Alita, the battle angel season 2. So without wasting time, let’s start. 

Alita The Battle Angel Season 2

How is the sequel set up of Alita battle angel 2?

In season one, Alita loses her love, Hugo, but after this biggest loss, she has come to understand herself and make her place in the world better. Moreover, she is rising to become a motor ball champion and put every effort at returning to the mysterious and suspected city zalem and its leader nova. The producer added the training sequence, and in this sequence alley, Hugo’s love learned to do motor ball. This series has lots of suspense, secrets, and actions; we sure you like everything in the upcoming season. 

Who is coming back?

However, rosa will be returning as Alita because she is the main character of this show. She said- I love to play the Alita role, and I would play its role till the last breath. Apart from her, we can expect Christoph Waltz as a surrogate father of Alita. Other characters, Clive lee, will appear in the new season along with some new faces who want to make their identity. 

Alita The Battle Angel Season 2

When will Alita- battle angel season two be released?

However, Alita season 2 has got the green light today, but it will be a long journey, and you have to wait until the movie is released. The director Robert Rodriguez said that- it would take one and a half years from the rolling camera and action to release. Writing the script will take time, and after that, its pre and post-production would also take time. But if we talk about its releasing date, then it will release in 2022, but we can’t say about the date. 

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