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Captain Marvel 2: The Strongest Cosmic Woman Alive

The most iconic character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and also one of the most robust characters appearing on screen is the “Captain Marvel.” Many people might debate about hulk or Thor being the strongest hero, but talking frankly, she destroyed the whole warship of Thanos in the EndGame by herself.

There is some confirmed news about the release of Captain Marvel 2, which is totally exciting for the fans. So, let’s unfold some of the latest news about Captain Marvel 2. 

About Story 

As we talk about the story plot, Captain Marvel got her powers from the Tesseract, which is the casing for the Space stone. The Space Stone is one of the six infinity stones carrying tremendous skills to change reality. 

The movie release dates have been confirmed, but still, there is no confirmed news from Marvel about who will be standing against such a compelling character as Captain Marvel. According to some reports, a cosmic entity, namely “Korvac Saga,” might be the villain in the movie. 

About The Release Dates 

There is confirmed news released by Kevin Feige, the producer of Captain Marvel that the movie won’t be releasing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase -4. Instead, the film will be part of Phase 5. Disney also clarified the matter and told that the fans would see Captain Marvel again in action on 8th July 2022.      

Captain Marvel 2

About Cast 

The official news has only confirmed the role of Brie Larson playing the role of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel. However, we are hoping that Samuel L. Jackson will be coming back in the series playing the role of Nick Fury. There are also rumors about Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau. 

What’s New 

As we saw in Spiderman: Far from home, Nick Fury was working with the Skrulls to run an organization, namely S.W.O.R.D. However, the encounter of Nick fury after 28 years would signal the iconic war of Kree and Skrulls. 

According to some reports, the cosmic entity, namely “Korvac Saga,” would be the new villain introduced in the marvel universe through this movie. He is a half-human and half futuristic computer who can travel in time and has god-like, matter-altering abilities presented to him by the power cosmic. 

Overall the movie is going to be an action-packed movie with some new characters introduced in the Marvel Universe.

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