When Will You See Mystic Pop-Up Bar?

Before the premiere of a mystic pop up bar, JTBC has launched a highlight reel. This series is based on a popular and famous webtoon. The show tells the mysterious pojangmacha story that is run by an ill-tempered woman woi Joo and a han kang bae who is a part-time employee.

Moreover, they also run through former afterlife detection that visits people in their dream to solve their problems and helps them. This reel begins through the introduction of han kang bae, who is a part-time employee and can know the innermost thoughts of people just by one touch. The director of this series is jun chang geun. Here you will know every important update about “mystic pop up bars.” 

Release date of the show

The first episode of this show is scheduled for release on the JTBC that is South Korean network on 20 May 2020. It means the first episode might be launched on Netflix on 21 May 2020. Two episodes will come weekly every Thursday and Friday. This show’s first season will have 16 episodes and each episode will have approximately 60 minutes. 

A cast of a mystic pop-up bar

In this show, many famous stars will play a role, including Hwang Jung, eum will appear as a woi Joo, Choi won young as a chief giwi. The yook sung Jae will play a role as a han Kang bae, Lee Joon Hyuk as a department head yeom, Jung da eun as a yeo rin. Kim Yung’s gun, Kim mi Kyung, and many other actors will play the role of TBA. 

Mystic Pop-Up Bar

Mystic pop-up bar’s story

The rooftop of a building opens, and Han Kang bae runs and goes to the ssanggab cart bar. On the other side, Han Kang bae is an owner of Woll Joo, which runs a mysterious and suspected food cart. They combine giving food and drink to people who are trying to recover internal wounds. Kang bae and Kang yeo rin are security guards and rin feel irritated when they work together. 

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