The Big Flower Fight: Competition Series

The Big Flower Fight is a Netflix original web series based upon comedy-drama. The series is created by Vic Reeves. If you are interested to know more about the series The Big Flower Fight then, you are in the right place. Here, we have provided you with information regarding the story, the cast, and the release date. 

Now let’s quickly see what the series The Big Flower Fight is about?

About Story

In this series, The Big Flower Fight, is about the competition between the ten teams of the florists, sculptures, artists, and garden designers. These all compete with each other to create extraordinary floral installations so that they could get a chance to display their work in London’s Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

 The show is named as floral fight, as there is a competition among each other the theme related to flowers.

Now let’s see about the cast and the release date of the series The Big Flower Fight.

About the release date

The series The Big Flower Fight was premiered on Netflix on May 18, 2020. This is the first season of the series. There is no confirm news for the release of the second season of the series The Big Flower Fight yet.

The creator of the story Vic Reeves stated that there are no plans for the second season but he will surely come up with the second season of the series very soon.

About Cast

The main cast of the series are mentioned below:

  • Natassia Demetriou
  • Vic Reeves
  • Kristen Griffith

The Big Flower Fight

The name of ten pair of the contestants are as below:

  • Henck and Yen
  • Ralph and Jim
  • Sarah and Jordan
  • Andi and Helen
  • Andrew and Ryan
  • Monet and Stephanie
  • Nick and Taylor
  • Raymond and Chanelle
  • Declan and Eoghan
  • Rachel and Delilah

Thus, these were the pairs and the name of the contestants among whom the competition was held.

The shooting of the film was done right next to Vic Reeves’s house and is one of the reasons why he wanted to be involved in the series.

Hence, this was all about the series The Big Flower Fight.

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