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Parasyte: The Maxim Season 2: Will The Second Series Release?

Parasyte-the maxim is a Japanese series based upon the horror sci-fi anime drama. If you want to get all the information then you are in the right place. Here, we have pinned all the information regarding the cast, the plot, the release date.

About Story

Parasyte: The Maxim is the horror drama that includes its extreme brutality and portrayal of a war between the extra-terrestrial animals and human beings. The boy, named Shinichi Izumi saw a strange worm-like creature called Parasyte on Earth which takes away the brains of humans entering from nose and ears. 

This scene also took place with Shinichi Izumi but failed to attempt as he woke up. The Parasyte became stronger who devoured humans as their food. Watch the whole series to find out what happens to Shinichi.

parasyte the maxim season 2

About the Release Date

The series was first released in Japan in 2014 and 2015. Later, it was released on Netflix on May 15, 2020. The running time of the series is about 117 minutes. As the whole story ended in season 1, unfortunately, there will not be any release of Parasyte: The Maxim season 2.

The whole series depended upon Manga, as the Manga died in the first season, the plot of the season ends there as there is no much script left to deliver the further story.

parasyte the maxim season 2

About Cast

The cast for season 2 has not been revealed as there is not going to be any season of Parasyte: The Maxim. The cast of the previous season are as below:

  • Shota Sometani as Shinichi Izumi
  • Eri Fukatsu as Ryoko Tamiya
  • Ai Hashimoto as Satomi Murano
  • Hirofumi Arai as Uragami
  • Takashi Yamanaka as Tsuji
  • Hideto Iwai as Kusano
  • Sadao Abe as Migi
  • Pierre Taki as Miki

So, these were cast who played an extremely superb role in the series Parasyte: The Maxim.

There is the news that the writer might bring some twist in the story and Netflix might release the second season of Parasyte: The Maxim. Hence, the above is the information provided about the series Parasyte: The Maxim.

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