The Protector Comes Back With A New Season On Netflix

The protector series is premiered on Netflix and coming from turkey. This series has gained so much popularity and love by the fans since it launched on the streaming giant. It is the first series that is released on Netflix and based on turkey. When the first series released, the story based on the new wave of Turkish storytelling with fantasy and superheroes.

After announcing the protector season, 4 will be back then the fans are full of energy and want to know what they will appear in the next season. In this article, you are going to know about the cast, release date, expected story, and much other information as well. 

The Protector season 4

Release date of the protector season 4

As we all know, the protector season 3 premiered on the Netflix original in 2020 and this series has seven episodes. The third season renewed in 2019, and after that, the fourth season’s shooting also began. However, there is no official date announce of the protector 4, but we can expect it’s on Netflix original in March 2021. Very soon, Netflix announces the releasing date of the protector series. 

The cast of the protector season 4

In the protector season 4, the Calgary ulusoy will appear with ayca aysin Turan, Hazar erguclu, yurdaer Okur, Okan yalabik, Mehmet Kurtulus, Engin ozturk, and Burcin terzioglu as a lead role and member. Apart from that, many characters or roles either finished or died their part in the last two seasons.

The Protector season 4

In the previous season, cagatay ulusoy as a protagonist Hakan, ozturk as a levent, Okan yalabik will appear as a Faysal Erdem. Additionally, other actors also appeared in the third season like funda eryigit as Nisan, taner olmex as burak. Therefore, we can expect that in the next season, ozturk, ulusoy, yalabik, and terzioglu will be back with some new faces. 

The protector series begins with the Hakan Demir, a shopkeeper and his like take a turn after his father died. In the third season, Hakan battled with powerful immortal to save Istanbul. The protector 4 fans will be excited to see what will happen. 

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