I’m no longer here

17-year-old Ulises (Juan Daniel Garcia Trevino) wants to maneuver. Browsing his days spending time with a ragtag pack of companions, he longs for when his image of Cumbia moving will convey him to popularity past his Mexican mountain town. Be that because it may, within the wake of ending up in an unlucky spot, the neighborhood sedate cartel erroneously targets him, and he’s compelled to flee his home, arrival alone within the wilds of Queens.

Chief Fernando Frias’ portrayal of the Colombiano subculture to which Ulises features a place offers a stimulating check out the individuals who live their lives on the sides of “pleasant” Mexican culture, offering a replacement interpretation of the fish-out-of-water story.

The focal exhibition by newcomer Trevino may be a disclosure, and therefore, the vivid cast of characters he experiences both in Mexico and the U.S. are vital to the exceptional surface of the film. A jolting story of migration superbly fit these upsetting occasions, this is often a neorealist adventure overflowing with innovation. — Loren Hammonds.

Coordinated by Fernando Frias de la Parra

Brought up in Mexico City, Fernando Frías started chipping away at narratives within the mid-2000s and progressed into fiction presently, maintaining narrative components in his account work. His past work incorporates Rezeta and Los Espookys. I’m not Here was picked for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab in 2014.


Fernando Frias de la Parra


Gerardo Gatica, Alberto Muffelmann, Gerry Kim, Fernando Frias de la Parra


Fernando Frias de la Parra


Damian Garcia

Editorial manager

Yibran Asuad, Fernando Frias de la Parra

I’m no longer here


Juan Daniel Garcia Treviño, Bianca Coral Puernte Valenzuela, Jonathan Fernando Espinoza Gamez, Luis Leonardo Zapata, Leonardo Ernesto Garza Ávila, Estefania Judith Tovar Ramirez, Rocio Monserrat Rios Hernandez, Brandon Yahir Alday Vazquez, Yesica Avigail Silva Ríos, Angelina Chen, Adriana Arbelaes.

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