Is Valeria Season 2 Going To Release Or It’s Just A Myth? 

Nowadays, Netflix is looking forward to the series that are women-centric content and so do they gave the green signal for the release of Valeria season 1. Now, here we have pinned information about the release date of the Valeria season 2. 

About story

Who is not familiar with season 1 yet then here’s the recap of it. The genre of the story is based on emotion and drama. The writer is going through the rough phase of her life. And the story is based on the emotional and romantic journey of that writer. 

Due to the stress from personal as well as professional life, the writer decides to take the brake. The reunion is decided with her three friends and is discussing the past good day. The story is beautifully created by Maria Lopez Castano. 

About the release date

Netflix has yet not confirmed about season 2 of the Valeria. The story is based upon the novel that comprises of the 5 books and hence, the crew has enough content to make the season 2 of the Valeria. 

The new season depends upon the popularity aspects. And the Valeria season 1 has been rated highly by the viewers. If Netflix shows the green sign to season 2 then it is expected that season 2 would be in the 2021 or later streaming on Netflix. 


About cast 

The four main characters are confirmed to be there in the upcoming series. Diana Gomez is playing the major role of the writer and hence, she is must come in season 2. And the stars playing the role of Valeria’s friends that are Silma Lopez, Teresa Riott, and Paula Maila are going to come in season 2. 

Moreover, Maxi Iglesias will be in the series playing the role of the handsome Victor. Other characters are also going to appear in season 2. There would be some new faces in the upcoming season 2 but it is not revealed yet. 

Hence, the above was the information about Valeria season 2. 

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