Black Summer Season 2- All You Want To Know About 

Black summer is an American drama web television series and original Netflix series. The creator of this show is Karl Schaefer and John Hyams. This series has thrilled its fans with fascinating performance and it is one of the most popular Zombie series streaming on Netflix. 

About story 

The story is based upon the past days where there was no light and the world was dark. It includes the nation known Z nation means the Zombie nation. It is all about the zombie apocalypse darkest days. 

In the story, the mother has come with a group of strangers and these strangers were helping the mother to find her daughter and her loved one. 

Black Summer Season 2


Is the Black Summer going to come or its just myth? 

As shown in season 1 that the exhibition of the black summer has some linkage with the Zombie Nation or Z nation, so it has been predicted that there will be season 2 of Black Summer. 

Netflix takes at most 2 months before the announcing release date of any upcoming series and hence, fans are awaited since long for the announcement of season 2. 

The shooting of this series has been started in the early of 2020. But according to the latest update the shooting has been postponed for at least two weeks and would start shooting in April at the earliest. For now, the series may not make it up in 2020. 

Black Summer Season 2


Date to be predicted 

Netflix has revealed that by November 2019, season 2 is going to be streaming on Netflix. The fans have been waiting for the upcoming season since then. There’s no official date announced yet. This show is also among the shows that have been hampered due to the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The series was going be upfront in between 2020 but the crew has to stop further shooting and hence, it still may get late. The last shoot of the first season gave fans some happy moments as the Rose (the mother) and her daughter meet each other. Now let’s see what is going to happen next season. 

Hence, the above was the information about the Black Summer season 2. 

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