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All You Want To Know About- The Walking Dead Season 11

In the walking dead season 11, the fan-favorite character Maggie is back. The producer and showrunner of the walking dead Angela Kang announced that the Cohan has joined the show and the fans are extremely surprised by this announcement. 

About story

The story of the walking dead is a horror based zombie series. These series reveal around the story of zombie apocalypse followed by months as well as years. It is based on the group of survivors followed by a led police officer named Rick Grimes. 

Many of the characters have been dead and some of them grow for a survivor and to survive they are ready to do anything. 

The Walking Dead Season 11

About the release date 

Due to coronavirus pandemic, the upcoming season of walking dead is kept at a halt. The fans are awaited for the future of this series. The AMC has already revealed on Twitter that due to current circumstances they are not able to shoot for the upcoming seasons. 

Is the season 11 going to cancel? 

Nothing can be said, due to this outbreak the crew isn’t clear when would be season 11 come out. As there’s no official date given still, it would be late in 2021. Recently, Kang said that they are looking forward to a future season. Let’s hope, the walking dead season 11 would be in late 2021. 

The Walking Dead Season 11

About cast 

Life isn’t simple and easy in the Zombie Apocalypse. It is hard to predict who would survive and who would not and hence, it is difficult to predict who would be a new member in the series as well. But one character is confirmed to be in and she has not been seen since season 9 that is Cohan. 

She announced that she feels very emotional to be again the part of this comic-con. She is really happy to be in the series again and mentioned that she feels like home. 

Hence, the above was the information about the walking dead season 11. There’s no official date revealed yet, but one thing is for sure that the upcoming season will be full of entertainment and thrilling moments. 

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