Will There Be A Season 4 Of The Dragon Prince?

The Dragon Prince is an animated fantasy web television series which is streaming in Netflix. This fantasy series is created by Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond. This animated series was first streamed in Netflix in September 2018, as of today there is a total of three seasons of this series which you can watch on Netflix. Each season consists of nine episodes of 25-33 minutes.

The storyline of The Dragon Prince so far

Derived from the six elements of the Sun, Moon, Stars, Earth, Sky, and Ocean; Xadiam is a fantasy world of magic. The humans, along with the dragons and the elves co-exist in this beautiful fantasy world. The sons of King Harrow, Callum and Erzan finds a dragon egg and named the dragon Zym after it got hatched. The advisor of the human king Viren is in the quest to kill the dragon prince Zym for black magic as it is the heir of the dragons.

Dragon Prince Season 4

When Callum and Erzan understand this, they try to save the dragon prince and decides to return the dragon prince to his mother. The final episode of the last season viewers saw the death of Viren, thus concluding the war between Callum and Viren’s army. It also showed that the dragon prince Zym is united with his mother Zubia; therefore, everyone the humans, the dragons, and the elves live peacefully. 

The release date of The Dragon Prince Season 4

The official announcement regarding the renewal of the season is yet to be made by the creators of the series. But fans are speculating that there will be a new season, one of the reasons being the previous three series is named after the three elements namely the first season was termed as Moon, the second one was called Sky and the latest season was called Sun.

Dragon Prince Season 4

Thus, if one sees logically, there can be three more seasons named after the rest of the elements. Also, this series got good reviews, and it would only be a wise decision to continue and cash in the popularity of the show. Although, the release date is not known fans can anticipate the announcement in the coming months.

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