When Can Fans Expect Another Life Season 2 Release?

The Sci-fi drama genre seems to be the genre everyone wants to see. Keeping this mind, Netflix has jumped into the same bandwagon and released an interesting series called Another Life. The show was premiered in July 2019, and Netflix decided to renew the series for another season, the announcement of the same was made in October 2019.

As per the sources, the filming of the second season was about the finish, even if it is finished there is a lot of VFX work required for the series; hence the actual date of the release of the second season of Another Life is little difficult know especially due to the unprecedented event of the COVIE-19.

Another Life Season 2

The premise of the series

The story of the series starts with the discovery of an artifact shaped like a Mobius strip and which grows a crystal shell. Then a crew of people goes to space and finds out the origin of the artifact and the alien race who sent the artifact to Earth. Season one juggles between the life of Niko who is in her quest to find the origin of the artifact in the space and her husband Erik who is raising his and Niko’s child single-handedly.

By the end of the ten-episode season, one viewer gets to know that the artifact belongs to an alien race called the Achaia and they are a very hostile alien race. The alien thus discovered has every intention to destroy the Earth. The storyline of season two will continue from there, and not much has been disclosed about the alleged plot of season two. Fans have to wait for the final release date announcement from the production house to see what is in store.

Another Life Season 2

Who all are expected as the cast for Season 2?

In the second season, the regular cast is likely to remain the same with Katee Sackhoff coming back as Niko Breckinridge, Justin Chatwin as Erik Wallace who is Niko’s husband. Samuel Anderson will reprise his role as William, who is a holographic interface of a sentient AI aboard Salvare. Blu Hunt will continue to play August Catawnee. Apart from these Jake Abel, Alex Ozerov, Selma Blair, Elizabeth Lulow, and many other characters will come back for the second season of Another Life.

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