The Release Date Of The Greenhouse Academy Season 5

The Greenhouse Academy is the adaptation of an Israeli Television series called Ha-Hamama. The Greenhouse Academy is streamed in Netflix, and the show is created by Giora Chamizer. The premiere of the first season of this series was in September 2017 since then the series has given three more seasons.

Season four of the series was aired in March 2020. The series shows the life and adventures of the students of The Greenhouse Academy, which is a school for gifted future leaders. The students are divided into two houses The Eagles and The Ravens and these two houses are always in competition with each other.

Greenhouse Academy Season 5

These students come across some mysterious events which force them to join hands and do a secret investigation. The investigation reveals a dangerous conspiracy that will destroy the planet. The two competing houses have to keep their differences aside and find a way to save the world.

The unanswered questions

In season 4, we saw the trusted staff of Greenhouse Academy Suzanne McGill, sabotaging the students attempt to save the world. By the end of the series, Jason Osmond is taken under custody, but he cleverly escapes the prison as well, and he is greeted by Suzanne after the escape. The end of the series shows full potential for another season as many questions are unanswered.

Questions like, how and when did Suzanne become the part of the whole plan? What is Jason suffering from and what is he planning to do after the escape, whether he will be caught again and how will Ariel and Leo’s relationship work and of course the relationship between Max and Emma how is it going to evolve. Season 4 has ended with a lot of questions and what will happen next feeling for the viewers.

Greenhouse Academy Season 5

The release date for season 5

Unfortunately for the fans, there has been no official announcement about the renewal of the series for another season. But then this show rarely announces the renewal of the series and the fans actually come to know about the new season when the release date is nearing. Although the creator of the show Giora Chamizer has another two seasons worth stories with her and she is hoping that the series will continue.

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