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The Batman: The Complete Storyline 

Batman: The Adventures Continue is precisely what it sounds like, a return into the world of Batman: The Animated Series, with new comic book stories starring the Dark Knight and his familiar allies and villains plus characters in the wider DC Universe introduced to, the beloved animated setting for the first time, including Azrael and Death stroke.

Paul Dini and Alan Burnett co-write the Adventures Continue, both manufacturers of the acclaimed animated show, and illustrated by Ty Templeton. 

Together with Batman: The Adventures Continue debuting digitally this week, all three founders discussed the brand new series with DC Country and precisely what it was like returning to the planet that shaped a generation of Bat-fans.

Batman: The Adventures Continue

When does Batman: The Adventures Continue to take place, relative to the last time we saw these variations of those characters?

Paul Dini: It is pretty much a continuation. Alan and I approached the writing together with the thought we were performing the season you may have seen if we had not set the series apart to do Batman Beyond.

Alan Burnett: What’s different, however, is that we’re going back to pay for specific gaps from the first show, events that didn’t have a bearing on the series at the moment, but now do. To put it differently, there’ll be secret histories which will turn Batman’s world upside-down. 

Just how much fun is it to get to play that character, in this context?

I have always adored his style and his history with the Titans, which makes him part of Dick Grayson’s history, which makes him a part of the Bat-World. Slade is a “Batman-but-with-guns” kind of personality, only with a very distinct moral code. 

Batman: The Adventures Continue

Dini: It was fun to think of the first encounter between him and Batman and rework his character and motivations in a manner that made sense of this animated series at that moment. 

Any other new/surprising additions you can tease?

Burnett: You are likely to see quite a few of the villains we used in the old Batman series, a few making only bit appearances, but there will be a definite sense of this animated world. We allude to individual episodes, such as one where Robin befriended a little lost girl, who turned out to become part of Clay’s face. She’s back for a page or two in these comics.

Burnett: It is beautiful how it’s endured. I believe the reason it has is that we all loved Batman back on the animated series, and also took the best in the comic books. We respected all the creators that went before us, and fans knew that. 

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