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Black Widow Trailer, Release Date, Cast And Interesting Storyline

In another multiverse, Black Widow could have already been published, and we’d have been spending the next month picking what it means for Natasha and, more especially, Marvel Phase 4.

Of course, the tide of coronavirus waits has put paid to some thoughts of us seeing Scarlett Johansson’s stand out adventure in the MCU till later this year. But do not fret.

Therefore, while we have not been able to slip into Marvel’s Red Room of keys marked MASSIVE SPOILERS,’ there’s down under that will undoubtedly whet your appetite before November. The launch date is there, of course, as is full cast news, quotes, posters, and even where Black Widow fits on the sprawling MCU timeline.¬†

Black Widow

Black Widow gets a new composer. Someone else is pulling strings in Black Widow. Mission: Impossible Fallout composer Lorne Balfe has replaced Alexandre Desplat. Balfe has also helped score Modern Warfare 2, while additionally provided music for Inception. Let’s hope his action chops help elevate Nat’s final experience to a whole other level.

It is all changed on the Dark Widow Release date front. Black Widow now takes up the November 6, 2020 slot, one that was formerly reserved for The Eternals. In turn, has been pushed back to February 12, 2021, one of a series of launch dates moves from Marvel.

Joining her in the Dark Widow Movie cast is Midsommar director Florence Pugh as Yelena, yet another member of the Black Widow training program. Pugh describes her character as”like a sister” to Natasha, though, as we will soon discover, there is lots of bad blood between both.


Rachel Weisz, meanwhile, is still another brand new Black Widow on the block, enjoying Melina Vostokoff. Possible spoilers here, but that is not all she’s known as in the comic books. There, she moves under the guise of this villainous Iron Maiden, who unleashed lots of pent up anger at Nat.

Maybe the most popular commodity joining the cast is Stranger Things’ David Harbour. Here, though, he’s switching his police hat to get a big-ass protector as he’ll be playing with Alexi, otherwise known in the comics as the Red Guardian. As exhibited by the trailer, he even gets an ill-fitting lawsuit to squeeze into and throws hands at a few hidden enemies.

In terms of the main villain of this piece: Taskmaster is in the movie, and they are revealed to maintain control of the Red Room, the birthplace of the Black Widows. 

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