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New Scooby-Doo Movie Will Be Released In May

New animated movie of warner bros Scooby doo has become the most significant film to skip their theatrical release, due to spreading of coronavirus pandemic all theater still closed. But you don’t need to worry about the new Scooby doo movie will release on 15 May.

You don’t go to the theater, but you can watch a movie at your home. Variety reports that Scooby doo film will be available on rent means you can easily, but it on 15 May. You will be able to buy it for 24.99$ or rent it for 19.99$. 

Trailer and release date of Scooby-doo

The animated movie scooby doo was released in the theater on 15 May 2020. But because of the coronavirus crisis, its release delay but you can buy or rent it. Maybe after stopping the crisis, this movie will release in theater. The official trailer is available on the youtube and its full-on mystery, fun, and actions. The fans will definitely like this movie and shower lots of love. 

Scoob voice cast

Gina Rodriguez will give voice Velma, Tracy morgan is captain caveman, and forte is shaggy. Moreover, Frank Welker will back to voice Scooby, and Fred’s voice will give by Zac Efron. Many other artists give a voice of a character in this movie. In the new Scooby doo movie, fans will see many old faces with full-on energy. However, we can’t say more about which new faces you will appear in this movie and how their character is.

Scooby doo

Story details of Scooby doo movie

The story of Scooby doo movie all about saves the world. The Inc gang join forces along with Hanna barbera are other heroes to protect the whole universe from the devil dick dastardly and his bad and evil plans. In this movie you will see the real fight and mystery with fun. The biggest question in everyone’s mind that is they all save the world, or they trap in an evil plan. We can’t say what you will exactly see in this movie, but sure you will enjoy every moment. 

This article was all about the Scooby-doo movie.

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