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Will There Be Joker 2 In Making?

Joaquin Phoenix starring Joker which was released in 2019 came as a surprise hit, and is considered as the most massive surprise hit of that year. This psychological thriller was based on the character from DC Comics.

The movie which was set in 1981 revolves around the life of Arthur Fleck, who is a failed stand-up comedian, and due to the various situations in his life, he slowly descent into insanity and ends up being one of the notorious criminals of Gotham City.

Joker 2
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The sensible choice to make Joker 2

The movie Joker received several accolades including the lead actor Joaquin Phoenix winning the deserving Oscar award for the best actor. The movie had vast box office collections which made Warner Brothers a lot of money.

So, it quite a sensible decision from a business point of view to make a sequel to this fantastic movie which would make the fans of the movie get more reason to rejoice. As the movie has created a separate fan base altogether due to the brilliant work in terms of the script, dialogues, acting and the execution of the overall movie

The official date of the release and the cast of the movie

As per the buzz, the script of Joker 2 is ready and if all things go well, Joker 2 might get late 2021 release. Although, the release period is tentative, so fans have to wait for the official announcement from the production for the release date of the movie. As for the cast of the movie, Joaquin Phoenix will reprise the iconic character of Joker or Arthur Fleck in the second part as well.

Joker 2
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Zazie Beetz will again be seen as Sophie Dumond while Frances Conroy will be back playing the character of Penny Fleck. The movie won’t be the same if Todd Phillips doesn’t direct the movie as he beautifully takes care of all the nuances of the characters involved in the movie.

What would be the likely plot of Joker 2?

Although no official news about the plot of the movie has been released, the large fan base of the movie is speculating that the second part may witness that Joker is joining hands with other criminals and making them his allies to create a havoc in the Gotham City.

While some speculate that somehow, he would escape and would face his greatest enemy, the Batman who is all grown up. There are many speculations regarding the plot of the movie, but only when the movie is released will get to know the real scenario.


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