When To Expect Ragnarok Season 2?

Ragnarok which is aired in Netflix is a Norwegian fantasy drama that is highly inspired by Norse Mythology. The first season was premiered on Netflix in January 2020. The first season consists of six episodes.

The critics were not that impressed by the first season of the fantasy drama, some finding faults in the characters, plot, and even the dialogues. But despite the unfavorable response from the media, the viewers of the show really liked the whole concept, and hence the show has got renewed for the second season.

Ragnarok season-2
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The Premise of the Show which glued the audience

The show revolves around the events that take place in a fictional Norwegian town called Edda situated in Western Norway. The town is infested with the effects of climate change and the industrial pollution which is caused by the family who owns the factories and is the fifth most affluent family in Norway, the Jutul Family.

In reality, the Jutul are four Jötunn, frost giants and giantesses who are acting as a family for the outside world. The ‘Jutul Family’ is threatened by a teenage boy called Magne, who is the God of Thunder, Thor. Chris Hemsworth’s beefed-up body has given way to the adolescent boy who is unaware that he is the God of Thunder.

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When can fans expect the Release of Ragnarok Season 2?

The show was renewed for the second season just one month after the release of the first season on Netflix. As the first season which took a considerable amount of time to develop, the same should be expected from the second season.

As per the schedule, it should ideally release in early 2021, but due to the pandemic situation if that is postponed is yet to be known. The makers and Netflix have not done any official confirmation in that regard. Fans can only wait and watch for the final release date of season 2 of Ragnarok.

Ragnarok season 2

The expected storyline of Ragnarok Season 2

As always, the season 2 will start where season 1 ended. The series of events that will follow after Magne (Thor) killed Vidar would be the major plot for season 2. There are chances that Magne will fight with the other giants as well. There can be the usual twists and turns as the season will go along. Fans of the show will have to wait until the next year to see what happens in the world of Magne.

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