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The Release Date Of The Third Instalment Of The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

Fans of the friendly neighborhood are eagerly waiting for the next installment of the Spider-man movie. The last installment of Spider-Man: Far from Home introduced the fans with a new antagonist The Mysterio which was played by the talented Jake Gyllenhaal. With the immense success of this movie, fans all over the world are wondering how the next Spider-Man movie would turn out.

The Release date of Spider-Man 3

The initial release date was decided in the first half of 2021. However, due to the unprecedented event of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown situation in almost every country, the release of the movie has been moved to the later part of 2021. Fans have to wait another year before they can witness Spider-Man’s new adventures.

Spider Man 3
Source: Radio Times

The scare which came with Sony-Disney feud

The Sony-Disney Feud almost took Spider-Man away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The later part of the year 2019 saw these production companies disagreeing on the terms of a financing deal. Disney (The parent company of Marvel) wanted a new deal that demanded that they will have an equal cut on all the revenue generated through the Spider-Man movies as against the earlier deal which included 5% of the first-dollar gross and all merchandising revenue.

The terms of the new agreement were not agreed upon. Hence, the future of Spider-Man in the Marvel Universe was doubtful. Eventually, after a lot of talks, a new deal was signed and agreed upon by the two production houses in September 2019. In the new arrangement, the Spider-Man will remain in the Marvel Universe as well as he will appear in the future Marvel movies along with the other financial aspect.

The Cast of Spider-Man 3 

Tom Holland is going to reprise his character of ‘Peter Parker a.k.a. The Spider-Man in this upcoming movie. This was confirmed by Tom Holland himself. Apart from Tom Holland, no other actors have confirmed their role. Although even without confirmation, the fans can expect Zendaya to take the tole of MJ while Jacob Batalon will play the character of Peter Parker’s Best friend, Ned.

The rest of the cast is not yet known as well as the plot of the movie. Fans are waiting for what would happen next after Mysterio reveals that Peter Parker is the Spider-Man to everyone in the mid-credit scene. Till then let the waiting game begin.

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