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Hotel Transylvania 4- All You Must Know About 

Hotel Transylvania is all about the PIXAR animation movies. This movie has achieved great success with the Oscars last year. No doubt, that this movie is being loved by the audience and famous world-wide. 

This movie can be enjoyed by all the age groups starting from children to old ones, as it has all- laughter, romance, and action. Then what more one needs! The following are some of the details about the launch of a new section of this movie.

Hotel Transylvania 4
Source: Collider

What’s the release date? 

The cast of Hotel Transylvania is looking forward to releasing the upcoming 4th part on a date nearby Christmas. The movie’s animation studio is the Sony picture animation. Hence, there’s no need to make any of the Christmas plans as this movie is ahead to launch.

Voice behind the characters to be predicted 

 Following is the information about the cartoon characters’ names and the voice behind them. 

  • Dracula- voiced by Adam Sandler.
  • Jonathan- voiced by Andy Samberg.
  • Mavis- voiced by Selena Gomez.
  • Frankenstein- voiced by Kevin James.
  • Murray- voiced by Thomas DeCarlo.
  • Eunice- voiced by Fran Drescher.
  • Martha- voiced by Jackie Sandler. 
  • Mavis and Winne- voiced by Sadie Sandler.
  • Foreman- voiced by James Williams 

Hence, the above was the information about the crew members that may be part of session 4 of Hotel Transylvania. 

Hotel Transylvania 4
Source: Collider

What’s new? 

The 1st part of the movie was released in 2012. The story of the movie is based on the monster and human love story. The monsters are living far away from the human habitat but one day a human accidentally came to the hotel. 

Then he falls in love with Mavis who is playing the daughter role of monster Dracula. Since then, in three parts they have kept convincing the elders for their love acceptance.  The plot is going to show cast Ericka’s family and hence, the audiences are expecting new characters with new voice backups. 

Still, there’s no official date announced yet but expected near the Christmas season.  Besides, the release date, this part would be also full of actions, laughter, and romance, and hence, you can start counting on. 

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