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Ant-Man 3: When Can We See Ant Man Back In Action?

The ant-man movie is a superhuman movie that is inspired by the characters of the Marvel comic’s hank Pym and marvel comics. This film is composed of Peyton reed. In this movie, Paul Rudd plays a lead role as an ant-man along with Bobby Cannavale, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, and Michael Pena. The ant man three movies come with a new twist and turns. Moreover, the audience will definitely love it. Here you will know some other details of ant man 3 movies. 

Ant Man 3
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Released date till to be revealed

Although there is no official release date at this time, Michael Douglas told collider that the shooting and recording would start in January 2021, so it appears like it can be released in 2022. However, on this day, Disney has 29th July 2022 reserved for other projects that are untitled marvel project, so that the ant man three release date based on when the previous two movies will be released. The other more super hit films will show up in 2022 like captain marvel, thor 4, black panther two, and many more. 

Ant Man 3
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The cast of ant man three movies

This movie will come with many talented and amazing stars. The Paul Rudd is expected to come back in this movie in the lead role with Evangeline Lilly, play a role as his crime partner, the wasp. The director Peyton reed, which is directed and helmed first two movies of ant man series, will be returned to finish off the trilogy. 

Apart from that, no cast detail have been announced or released yet, but it appears they will soon release detail about the all movie cast. In the last ant man movie, the ant-man and wasp were working together to save and help the whole universe. In the ant man 3, the story will run around avenger end game and ant man 2. You can also expect other faces in this movie, and it can be a blockbuster movie of 2022. 

This article was all about ant man 3 Movie. That’s all we have for today. 

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