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A Prequel Of The Most Popular Dragon Tale Game of Throne

Game of Thrones was ended last year, but HBO has not wasted any time in approving a new series. House of Dragon is the Prequel of famous and most viewed show Game Of Thrones. HBO has declared they are working on it and coming up with really excellent content for Dragon lovers.

HBO has announced that the writers are working on it, and estimating 2022 will be the year where we can enjoy this prequel. This Series will define the story, which took place 300 years before the Game of Thrones. HBO had some Game of Thrones are under process. Bloy mentioned that Game of Thrones is full of stories.

Inspired by the Book Fire and Blood

Martin’s book Fire & Blood will be leading as the source of this Series. This book defines that this Series will be starting 300 years before the event of the throne’s game. This book explores the history of Taragaryen, It will be covering various major battles. Ryan Condal is the scriptwriter, who was the writer of hit movies like Hercules, Rampage. Miguel and Ryan will be working on this Series and will divide this Series into ten episodes. From some of the media outlets, we can preassume that this Series will have lots of narrative time jumps or a very long-run series.

House of Dragon
Source: Prequel Game Of Thrones

Casts, Poster and Iconic Shooting Location

Director Martin will be revisiting the locations where the Game of Thrones was shooted like Ireland, Iceland, Scotland, Spain, Malta, Croatia. HBO released the first promotional poster for this Series with the Targayenn tagline as Fire will Reign. The Cast for this Series is still not disclosed. Game of Thrones has many new actors who changed them into stars like Sophia Turner, Kit Harrington.

We can look for new faces coming up in this prequel. Miguel will direct some episodes. He led some of the biggest Game Of Thrones battles, which included “Hardhome,” “Battle of the Bastards,” “The Long Night,” and “The Bells.” The popularity Game of Thrones had; it seems like this Series will earn it before its release.

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