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Sherlock Holmes 3: People’s favorite detective will be back

Everyone’s favorite detective will be back with the third part of the Sherlock Holmes series. The release date which was initially decided on December 2020, but it has been further delayed for another year. If everything goes well, fans would be able to watch the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson in December 2021.

One of the reasons for the delay going rounds is that Robert Downey Jr’s commitment as Marvel’s Iron Man brought about a significant gap of almost ten years after the last installment of the movie. Another reason why the release date has been extended because Warner Bros. wants the original creative team to reprise the third installment.

Sherlock Holmes 3
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Also, the studio is working on the script of Sherlock Holmes 3 apparently Warner Bros. and their team of writers are working on the draft written by Chris Brancato of Narcos and X-Files fame.

The first installment of Sherlock Holmes was released in 2009, and the sequel to the movie was released in 2011. Both the movies received positive reviews with viewers appreciating the story, the action sequences in the movie, the music score of the movie, the costumes, the set designing as well as the flawless acting of the actors.

The first installment Sherlock Holmes saw Robert Downey Jr. winning Golden Globe Award for the best actor in a musical or comedy. The same movie was nominated for two academy award categories, namely the Best Original Score and Best Art Direction.

Sherlock Holmes 3
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Robert Downey Jr. will reprise the title role in the third installment of the franchise. Along with him, Jude Law will play his trusted friend Dr. John Watson. Other cast members include Stephen Fry will play Mycroft Holmes, Eddie Marsan is cast as Inspector Lestrade while Rachel McAdams is be playing Irene Adler and finally, Jared Harris will be Sherlock Homes nemesis, Professor James Moriarty.

As there is no official announcement about the title of the movie without which it is a little challenging to say what would be the premise of the movie. Although some things can be assured like the viewers know Sherlock Holmes is alive but whether Moriarty is dead or alive is still not sure.

Also, there are murmurs about the possibility of romance between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. All these speculations about the movie can only be cleared once the movie is released, till then fans will have to keep waiting.

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