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Candyman – The Most Awaited Supernatural Slasher Movie Of The Year

The 1992 supernatural slasher film Candyman is ready to make a come back with the same name. The latest movie would be the fourth in the Candyman franchise and is a direct sequel to the 1992 Candyman movie. The film is established in the short story “The Forbidden” which was written by Clive Barker.

This supernatural slasher movie would be directed by Nia DaCosta and is written by Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, and DaCosta. The movie had started its filming in August 2019, and the filming was over by September 2019. The post-production work is only remaining, fans have something to look forward to. The movie was slated to release in June 2020, but due to the unfortunate event of the Coronavirus outbreak, the release date has been postponed. 

The main action in the movie happens in the Chicago Cabrini Green neighborhood. This neighborhood is petrified because of a supernatural killer who is named as Candyman. The legend says that Candyman has a hook in one hand and he kills the person who calls out his name five times by looking in the mirror.

The premise of the new movie revolves around Anthony McCoy, who is a visual artist and his gallery director girlfriend Brianna Cartwright when they move in a Luxury loft located in Cabrini. Anthony is confronted with the story of Candyman, which opens the pandora box of past and makes his and others live a living hell. The film trailer was released in February 2020 wherein the viewer will be able to see the new Candyman and the mystery attached to it.

Source: Grit Daily

The audience will be watching Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who is playing the protagonist Anthony McCoy, and Teyonah Parris will be portraying the character of Brianna Cartwright. Nathan Stewart-Jarret is playing Troy Cartwright, who is Brianna’s brother. At the same time, Colman Domingo is cast as William Burke who is responsible for telling Anthony McCoy about the legend of Candyman.

Apart from the new cast, some of the characters from the original movie will be making an appearance in the new film. Actor Tony Todd will be reprising his role of Candyman while Vanessa Estella Williams will be back as Annie McCoy. Fans are hoping that the movie gets released either late this year or early next year.

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