Will there be a Season Three of Netflix’s Sex Education?

The answer is yes; there will be a season three of Netflix’s Sex Education. The new season of this British comedy-drama series is also affected by the compulsory lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, the chances of the release of season three might get postponed to early next year. Netflix was going to start the production of Season three in May. But, due to the strict orders from the British Government to maintain social distancing and lockdown, the production has been stalled until further notice. 

sex education season 3
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The show has been created by Laurie Nunn, which follows the life of Otis Milburn who is a socially awkward teenager and who is conflicted about sex may be because his mother is a sex therapist and is very open about all the facet of sexuality.

In the first season which was aired in January 2019, the viewers will see how Otis Milburn unknowingly helps the bully of the school with his sexual performance anxiety. After that Otis with Maeve who is Otis’s confident but troubled classmate begins a sex advice business. Otis with this business helps his classmates with their sexual problems and finds solutions suitable for them. 

sex education season 3
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The second season which was aired in January 2020 concentrates on the romance between Otis and Ola and how he is struggling with the reality and how he is coping up with the added pressures that come with high school romance. The romance between Otis and Ola is put to the test when a bunch of new students arrives at the school. Then there is an outbreak of chlamydia which forces the students’ question and struggle with this issue.

Sex Education was proved to be a hit for Netflix, as it was critically and commercially appreciated. The first season garnered 40 million viewers after it was streamed. The second season of the show received more appreciation and was critically acclaimed as well. This show is one of the most successful shows that Netflix is streaming on its platform.

One of the reasons is that the show addresses topics like reproductive health and sexual harassment, which are a sensitive topic comically without digressing from this grave topic. No wonder, fans of the show are eagerly waiting for the release of the third season.

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