The OA Season 3 – Everything You Want To know About 

The OA is the most trending series on Netflix and the fans are awaited to hear some new updates on the OA season 3. This series has it all- the drama, sci-fi, and fantasy elements as well. The entire story revolves around the missing girl who returns after 7 years and claims that she is an original angel (OA). 

To be released or canceled? 

The first season of OA was released on 16th December 2016 and after the three years, the second season of OA was released on 22nd March 2019. Both the season was loved by the viewer and are also expecting the release of 3rd season. 

OA season3

According to new updates, due to some circumstances, Netflix has decided to drop the show. All the fans are highly disappointed after hearing this news. But there’s still a hope that any other platform will pick this show to stream on their channel. 

The other reason can be this pandemic outbreak. All the shooting of the shows have been closed due to this lockdown. The OA team is looking forward to producing season 3 on any of the streaming platform. 

Stars to be expected 

Brit marling is the creator and writer of this show and as expected Prairie Jhonson is going to play the lead role. Other stars that are been expected are as follow: 

  • Ian Alexander 
  • Phyllis Smith 
  • Alice Krige 
  • Scott Wilson
  • Patrick Gibson 
  • Brenden Meyer 

The bottom line-

The OA is just at another level compared to Zombies, Superheros, and Vampire. The combination of drama, supernatural, science fiction, and fantasy element all in one series is the package of entertainment. The second season was ended with the stacking of the fish hook in the throat. There’re are various questions of fans that what is going happen and all.  

There no idea that about any of the theories going to happen in the 3rd season but one thing is for sure that the 3rd season is going rock with action and much more of thrills. 

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