Money Heist Season 5- Everything That You Should Know 

Money heist is the most one of the most trending series on Netflix. The story is based upon the criminal mastermind and he has the plan to record the biggest heist in history. To help him out in this record, the assign the 8 people who are capable enough and they have nothing to lose. 

Money Heist

The first season release date was 2nd of May 2017 and then after the crew kept going till the 4th season. And now the 4th season is at the edge of finishing. So the fans are awaited for the upcoming of the 5th season. 

The release date to be expected 

 All of the seasons of Money Heist have got the critical acclaim and achieved great success. But fans are now looking forward to the 5th season of the Money heist. The 4th season ended with the joining of Raquel in the heist and now the fans are excited to see what happens next. 

According to updates, it seems like the 5th season will be released in the next year that is 2021 and most probably in April. The crew is working on renewing the season 5th and 6th. When the writer of the show spoke to El Mundo about the upcoming show, he said that he doesn’t care about how much this show will long last but he cares about the people enjoy all the chapters and games of the show. 

Stars to be expected 

In the last season the important gang member Nairobi died but then too in the next season Alba Flores is going to be part. Alvora Morte is the main character of this series that is as a professor. Other stars expected to be in next season are: 

  • Ursula Corbero 
  • Itziar Ituno 
  • Miguel Herran 
  • Jaime Lorente 
  • Esther Acebo
  • Darko Peric

The bottom line- 

The predicted release date of the Money Heist 5 is in April 2021. The crew is looking toward to release of season 5 and after a short period season 6 would be released. 

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