Kingdom Season – 3 – Anticipation of the new season

Netflix is known as one of the best streaming platforms for airing quality global content. One of the first original Korean Series in Netflix was Kingdom. It is South Korean is a historical political zombie horror-fantasy drama series written by the talented by Kim Eun-hee, and Kim Seong-hun directs the series.

The season one was aired on January 2020 and season two aired on March 2020. Both the seasons comprise of six-episode of 45-50 minutes duration. This series has been very well-appreciated by the viewers and is one of the most-watched series as well in Netflix.


The first season shows how the Crown Prince Lee Chang was implicated in political cabal which leads him to take the mission to investigate the mysterious undead plague which has spread rapidly and has afflicted the current King as well as the country’s southern province. The Crown Prince, along with the physician Seo-Bi, Yeong-Shin, and his personal guard Mu-Yeong, Prince Lee-Chang is trying to prevent the advance of the plague towards his home capital of Hanyang.

With Season two release in March 2020 and the last episode of season two, we saw that Chang conferred his men to mark him in the official records that he is killed so that the child becomes the King in his place. The end scene, we saw the young King in his bed, and a worm is paving its way under his skin towards his brain. 

Furthermore, there is an introduction of the mystery seller woman played by Jun Ji-Hyun. The season two final episode inevitably ended with a dramatic cliffhanger with the mysterious seller, what is she doing selling the flowers, what is her real motive? Moreover, of course, what would happen to the new King. 

With the unprecedented event of COVID-19, Netflix has not made any announcement about the release date of Kingdom Season 3. With a lot of unanswered questions and the new mystery surfacing, it will surely have another season. Fans of the series have to wait a little longer for the official announcement from Netflix for the confirmation of the release date of Season 3 of Kingdom

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